Assessment: Welcome!

May 25, 2010

Hello, this is Hayley Price’s blog

Student I.D no 149527 degree show reading number 64

Here and in my physical portfolio you will find 7 projects:

1. Troedy

2. Where will all the tigers go?

3. Alive Records & Henrys Funeral Shoe

4. The Vagrant & The Masquerade [vagrant blog]

5. Hero: Brigitte Bardot

6. Sons Records

7. dossier design & promotional work

n.b (Please go to the ->> Vagrant blog for my process work for that film)

[Please note that the majority of my process work is located on this blog and the Vagrant blog, as my work is primarily digital animation.]


Project Evaluations

May 25, 2010

Here are my evaluations for the 7  projects this year….

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animation influences

May 24, 2010

selected videos that I have seen that have influenced me at some stage in the project

This piece made me realise that I could still use dark, grimy backgrounds with colourful ‘cel-shaded’ characters. Also, I like how the backgrounds are so detailed that they could be illustrations in themselves.

In this short, quirky little animation, I really liked the colours and the texture, the old feel to it, it resembles the naive/primitive art that I have been looking at by Rousseau and Gauguin.

This video has been very useful during the course of my animation/film learning experience. It has helped me alot with pre-production, and my narrative for film has improved since.

I adore this animation, the shapes of the characters and the narrative!  The animation is so simple, yet it just proves that narrative and illustration can be enough to carry a strong story. This film will be a constant influence to my animations!

The style of this animation is wonderful, the bold visually rich colours, it is refreshing to see brightly coloured animation that isn’t vector!

Glen Keane is a great tutor when it comes to animation, watching his videos has been a huge inspiration to me!

I have been cleaning it up every other day and this STILL happens! ARGH!

creating a long landscape ready for panning in After Effects, about 8000+ px wide!

setting up the scene in After Effects. The challenge in this scene was to get the tiger running at the same speed as the foreground and background moving. To make all the parts (10 parts) to move together, I 'parented' the objects to a 'null' object, which sped up my animation considerably.

deciding on an image for the creeping smoke was quite challenging, it had to look sinister and ‘creeping’ but yet be bold enough to show up against the highly detailed and rich background of the jungle. So I later used a textured brush to create strong white lines, but in more delicate density. lots of small lines, rather than bigs ones (as in the picture)

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fly scene drafts

May 23, 2010

Edit 1 :::::

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cityscape concept

May 23, 2010