I love this track, but I also really like this simple but addictive video.

I would like to try this for myself in After Effects, with recording video and the using masks in After Effects to layer the two over eachother. I would also like to use some kind of figure, too.. maybe a car – depending on my narrative..


Using vector to create interesting ‘factual infographics’ From this:

“Directed by the French motion graphics studio H5. It features a day in the life of a woman working in the London’s Square Mile solely through infographics; this includes labelled close-ups of everyday objects, product lifecycles, schematic diagrams, charts, and is generally illustrated in a simple isometric visual style.” (Rodandroll, Youtube 2007)
To these:

Smutty Target ad

'Smutty' Target ad

Personally I think the whole arguement is, nothing – there is alot worse out there on MTV than there is in this advert!
ARTICLE ON A TARGET AD (USA) THAT HAS CAUSED CONTROVERSY: Target Could Give A Flying Crotch About Angry Blogger

fiat launch

fiat launch

For influences!

There is alot of work on YouTube, that I admire and love – but, however there are a few things that bug me sometimes.. like this video for example.. I don’t feel (in my opinion) that this video is very clear at all, in communicating the

the narative of Organ Harvesting in China.”

It’s a pretty video and I really enjoy watching the graphics but the combination of guts and pretty happy vector shapes isn’t doing anything for me – I’m left after this video wondering, what?

screen capture of 'Organ Harvesting' on YouTube

screen capture of 'Organ Harvesting' on YouTube

I really like the concept of this piece. It was submitted to the Friends Of The Earth short film competition.
I love the message and the colourful bold vector style (like Airside, previously) However, I think that the audio lets the polished, smooth motion graphic style down. It has made me realise just how important audio is – when creating an overall feel of a piece.

first storyboard to my one minute film

first storyboard to my one minute film

Hotpoint Sea World Ad by Leo Burnett in comparison with a Whirlpool ad from the 1950s

– Spot the difference?

I really like concept of this ad for
Hotpoint Ariston Aqualtis by Leo Burnett (Milan) (2006?)…

..It’s an extremely powerful yet subtle ad and captivating to watch – it makes you feel like you’re not watching an advert.

Washing machine adverts have come along way…

which one is didactic and which one is poetic, I wonder? (hehe)


Lemon Jelly and Airside

March 27, 2009

Lemon Jelly - "Nice Weather For Ducks" movie still

Lemon Jelly - "Nice Weather For Ducks" movie still

After watching the “Nice Weather For Ducks” video by Lemon Jelly. I was hooked on their sugary sweet, bold style of vector animation. The style by design company, Airside reminded me alot of design companies like; Rinzen and Friends With You.

I will use this technique of animating lovely colourful vectory-ness to create my own pieces in the weeks to come. I have looked at various techniques in After Effects, that I recognize in the video below, including 3D layers, using alternative camera angles and motion paths. I will start to explore these techniques – as I think they will be a good base to start from. Here’s to up and coming motion graphic adventures in Adobe After Effects!

I’ve also found a video of Lemon Jelly ‘Exhibiting’ Airside artwork in their gigs, turning this seemingly 2d screen-based vector style into something that the crowd can experience around them – turning the vector work, into a performance. I like this idea very much, and it has given me alternative ideas of how my work could be displayed in the future.

Lemon Jelly using Airside designs - Live at Brixton Academy

Lemon Jelly using Airside designs - Live at Brixton Academy