Late night TV.. Can be good for you?

April 7, 2009

Thoughts on ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ etc..

I was staying up late (again!) in my easter break, to watch all the good stuff they usually show on tv at that time. I watched, The interpretor, My Little Eye and Bloody Sunday.. all of which were good films..

Then I switched over to S4C which is a Welsh version of Channel Four and I saw ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ a film by Al Gore, about Climate change.
At first I was a little skeptical because of all the parodies I’d seen of him and the way he was portrayed in the US 2000 elections.

However, after watching for several minutes, despite his demeanor being a bit erm.. cocky/arrogant(?) at times, the information given, was strong and entertaining.
I thought this would be a good place to start my research project and to examine the facts delivered in this movie.
(Beware! I found the trailer quite cheesy)


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