More findings on: schematic design and infographics! ^-^

April 26, 2009

Here’s my little treasure trove of nice videos using infographics and 3d/vector elements… enjoy!

Discovery Channel: Journey To The Centre Of The Earth.

I really like the globe element in this piece, I’m noticing that morphing is a constant technique used in infographics, it adds interest and is a good transitional tool.

Marco Chiang for Hong Kong Art School

In this video, I like how to camera is panning a page/canvas and the drawings are just appearing on the page. It gives a sense of movement and interest, you can’t see whats going to happen next

Fatih Mehmet from Istanbul

In this video the elements are appearing in sync with the music and the overall pace is very fast, I really like this. I just need to evaluate if this will be beneficial to my infographics piece, depending on how much factual information I want to present.

Stranger Than Fiction Intro (Will Ferrell)

Oh! I love this film, it’s so unique! I just love the graphics they use, you instantly get a feel for who Will Ferrells character is like, just by the information given and the way it’s delivered. Those are techniques I definately must pay attention to when planning my piece. As I found with (the post before) the ‘Organ Harvetsing’ motion graphic piece, I found the delivery and the style was just not appropriate, not to mention the music! I couldn’t tell if it was a Happy Mondays video, or an Amnesty International campaign!


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