A spot of tea?

April 30, 2009

Further creations from Maya!

I have decided to make another cup in maya, I am making food objects in 3D so that I can spin around them in my schematic piece. (see my later posts of schematic design; preferably the Areva and Slagsmålsklubben videos.

this shape was a bit more challanging than the ordinary cylinder mug, I tried several ways of making a hollow half-sphere – Difference Boolean, Edge Loops, Fill Hole and just simply deleting the points on the sphere!

In the end I went into Vertex mode and selected half the points of the sphere, then I selected the Edge Loops and dragged each of them down into the other half sphere. (Folding the sphere back in, on itself.)

I then went into face mode and selected each face that I wanted the handle to stem from. I had to snap to the axis on the grid to get the riddlely bits to sit straight, as the shape of the sphere was making the extrude shapes go all strange and diagonal.

I then selected the two faces inside the extruded handle stumps and pressed, bridge. I then created and Edge Loop on the center of the handle to make it puff out a little bit.

Then I went onto the base of the cup and selected the bottom points and scaled them out, to create a little foot, like an ornamental teacup!

Then I selected smooth to create a more finished object.

Here it is!..

My teapot on the grid - perspective view (2)

My teapot on the grid - perspective view

My teapot on the grid – perspective view

Teapot 2

teapot 4

teapot 4


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