I hired a Graphics tablet our from Pete, today!

So, I thought I’d have a little go, before we pack up for the move tomorrow!

First try with the graphics tablet!

First try with the graphics tablet!

Work in progress


Testing to see if my .jpg of my vector piece keeps it quality when I zoom in and pan it in After Effects – Only 10 sec long!
[Excuse the unfinished-ness of my conveyor belt and machinery!)

*Plus: A sneak preview of my audio track!* (Only the middle section)



The Cooler! (ver.2)

The Cooler! (ver.2)

(Any thoughts on the pink?)

The Chopper!

May 28, 2009

Using the information from the previous tutorials on shading in illustrator, I’ve been using suble techniques to get the style of shading I want with my custom swatches and graphic styles.. Here’s the Chopper, I’m coming back to the Cooler later on – that’s going to need some planning!

The Chopper!

The Chopper!

Cel-Shaded animation

May 28, 2009

I never thought of checking wikipedia for help on this subject!


Deviantart tutorial:


Tutorial at Emptees.com


Article from illustrator Russel Tate:


By using 3D bevel and extrude and choosing ‘No Shading’ I can expand the appearance and select the shades myself – by selecting the panels on the 3D image.. it’s not looking too bad either..

Picture 11 Picture 14

Picture 9

Picture 6

Picture 11

Picture 12