Webby Awards, Outstanding Comedic Performance: Lisa Kudrow

May 12, 2009

This web series is so addictive, it stars Lisa Kudrow (Friends) who plays a ‘Therapist who has a limited amount of patience for other peoples problems’

It’s a great example of a web based series, and how it can bring you closer to a production and build more involvement with the viewer. I have only watched several of the episodes and the quality of the improvisation crammed into just 3 minutes is amazing! – it hasn’t got the restrictions of television, of ‘having to fill a certain amount of air space’ it’s just allowed to grow, to however the writers feel is enough to give the desired effect. I really like these sort of productions, as they are often low-budget and based on the quality of material they write and also look achievable for others to create, even me!

The style/genre of the comedy is also great and not often found on mainstream television (on terrestrial, anyway!) unless you catch a glimpse of some random sketch at 4 am!

It refreshing to see, and I hope they continue!

The trailer is below, but go to the actual site for the high quality videos www.lstudios.com


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