What I plan to buy, soon!

May 25, 2009

Wacom One

Wacom One

After using Illustrator for quite an amount of time, in this project – I have realised how beneficial it would be to own a graphics tablet. I have wanted one for years, but have always been put off by the price and the lack of need for one.

Right now, I’ve got my eye on the cheapest Wacom tablet I can find; ‘Wacom One’. I am looking at Wacom as there seems to be alot of mention in Illustrator (such as presets and brushes).

If anyone could get me some information, opinions or suggestions on what tablet to get – I would be extremely grateful! 🙂

I have found it reasonably priced on Amazon


2 Responses to “What I plan to buy, soon!”

  1. Matt Clark Says:

    In my opinion the best size to get is an A4 one (a3 is too big and a5 to small).
    I found this link I hope it helps.

    • psychedellion Says:

      Hey Matt,
      Thanks for the advice – that list is so helpful – it’s nice to see the Wacom Bamboo in the top 3!
      I may also hire a tablet out from Pete, just to see what they’re like.
      I think, I might save my money a little longer and get an A4 one, as the A6/A5 ones don’t look that practical.
      Thanks again, it’s helped alot!

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