Excited about the audio! (&thoughts on the theme)

May 27, 2009

At the moment I am currently collaborating with a music technology student to compose an audio track for my piece, the ideas are sounding really exciting and it’s a relief to have someone to tell me what I’m doing wrong on Guitar Pro/Garageband/Sibelius!

I wanted something; Quite repetitive with a strong Melody with Industrial sounding instruments (e.g electric drums, synths). I wanted it to sound quite lighthearted and funky sounding (but not too much)

The instruments should mimick the movements of the machinery (subtly) over the original audio track, I may use some sound effects for the machinery. I also may use sound effects for when the piece moves into the ‘upper ground’ section (such as normal bland sounding crowd noises, or a wacky sci-fi society) Not sure on what the theme for that section is going to be yet. I will post a rough sketch up later today (I think!)

Think of the jetsons and Marvin The Martian!


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