June 17, 2009

Print magazine August 2008 cover design

The documented process is so fascinating, such a unique idea!


Makes me want to try Blue Screen!

unusual website

After Effects: Presets

June 17, 2009

Learning some presets

Weird Weapons

June 17, 2009

Nerdy History Channel treats…

Here’s some links to some interesting pages I’ve found on blogs and such… anything ranging from top 10 funny wifi network names to top 10 most beautiful underwater lakes.

Funny Wifi networks

Car Furniture from

Car Furniture

Shameless Ad campaign in Russia, by Dior for LIFE magazine []

Lenin’s mausoleum []

Top 5 coolest things in space

Antelope Canyon []

Building Ostankino tower []

Ostankino Tower above the clouds []

electromagnetic fields []

Village in Spain build under a rock

Mongolian Death Worm

Post Apocalyptic World []

Matrix rips off a Russian movie []

Underground Lakes and Caves

Natural Phenomenons []

Temporary Ski Jumps []

Urban Knitting

June 16, 2009

Tree Cosy

Tree Cosy

I’ve seen a bit of this type of thing before, in a seminar I had with Julia. But recently a contact on Flickr got me to look more at the groups and communities on there, related to ‘Urban Knitting’ or ‘Guerilla Knitting’.

The type of work is fasinating. The contrast it brings to an area or space is really enjoyable and intriguiging to look at. I haven’t seen anything like this in Wales or the UK for that matter.. I think I may consider doing it during the summer – cheer up the vallies 🙂

I’ve noticed, people have been ‘tagging’ their work with cards or waterproof text with their blog addresses or websites on.. I wonder if it would work when I do it.. Afterall, there is a community of knitters/bloggers in America and Europe.

Bread In The Box

June 10, 2009

The ‘Cheese vessel’

June 10, 2009


What a day!!

June 8, 2009

..I’ve been working my mac lap, for most of my projects – for the past 4-5 years, but I’ve never done motion graphics or video on it.

It’s been fine so far, through the project – even with the previous project (one minute film) However, this past week or so, it has been really slow and quickly becoming alot slower processing and rendering files from After Effects.

I had to think of a way of using another computer – whilst I am here in Wales. The only other option I had was to use my brothers PC. This worked out fine, it’s a powerful machine (gaming) and has lots of HD Space (more than my 2.5 GB I had left on my mac)

However, my brother does not have After Effects or Flash! ..I have spent a good full day, from 9am – anxiously trying to get the programs to work on here with not alot of success. I hope this doesn’t hold me back for much longer.. I need to buy an iMac soon!