3D Camera & 3D Layer

June 6, 2009

Excuse the cropped (black bars)

I’m really happy with this result.

The smoothness of the panning is not important in this clip – it is th quality of the image when I zoom in on it around +500%.

I’m pleased with the outcome and now I can (Finally!) move on from this ‘video quality’ issue, which has been bugging me for ages! I have realised the cause of all this trouble in the first place -it is my greed for wanting a BIG final piece – I’ve been working with large pixel dimensions and making things a little harder. But now I have solved it (for now) I can finally move on and get animating in After Effects.

Atleast I can add all this ‘pulling my hair out’ experience to my list of useful stuff I’ve learned!

The dimensions I am working to are: 1080 x 720. (YouTube HD size/TV)

Conveyor in Youtube HD (Full screen)

Conveyor in Youtube HD (Full screen)

Animation compostion inside a Pan composition

animation comp inside a pan comp

Using the 3D Camera

Camera 4 views AE


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