Pan and Zoom: Flash or After Effects

June 6, 2009

I’m becoming concerned, about the quality of the files I’m exporting from Flash and After effects. I have tried numerous file types and each time I zoom in on them, they become pixelated.

Even the Illustrator/vector files such as .ai and .swf are not keeping their vector quality.

I read up on this issue and some people mentioned that it is caused by ‘OpenGL’, which has something to do with handling the graphics.. I looked at my preferences in After Effects, and it stated “No compatible OpenGL video card found”.

I’m trying to figure out does this affect the quality when I render to a .mov file – Does it only affect the camera preview in After Effects, itself.

That is why I am rendering my ‘tests’ to see if the .mov files are affected at all.

Suprisingly the most successful (quality wise) has been the enlarged .png export from Illustrator.

I will try to pan and zoom this in After Effects in two ways:

Scale up and down, move position of the .png file


Turn the .png file into a 3D layer and pan it with a 3D Camera (Which should hopefully create some interesting 3D perspectives on my illustration)

I will post the results up later on.

(N.B I have tried to pan and zoom in flash, and it was OK with the motion tween – However, when I started to add movie clips to the ‘tweened’ background image, it became very messy and I’m sure there are much better ways in After Effects)


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