October 16, 2009

A new term, a new project!

I’ve been given a brief based on static and mobile.

There were various other themes to consider too, including:

I have to research the theme of static/mobile, whilst also considering the other themes in my work.

I had recently done a research project on ‘making space’ and realised that this current project would be ideal to develop and progress my previous research, as it was about something I felt quite passionately about.

My ‘Making Space’ project involved me researching an abandoned village near my own village back home, in Wales. I’ve been intriguied by this, nearly all my life. Most locals think of it as a ‘boring wasteland’ or ‘part of the mountain’ but I wanted to bring back the life and the story of this ‘mythical’ place. I too had taken it for granted, as it is so near where I live, people walk/drive past it everyday without thinking about it.

One day I asked my mother what had happened to the place. I thought that the empty shells of houses (x 4) was all that there ever was – but she mentioned that there was an entire bustling little village, which had it’s own shops, pubs, church, chapel, post office and even ballroom! This excited me alot, and I really hoped that one day I could incorporate it into my work.

I am glad at this point to have been given an ‘open’ brief, and thought this would be a great oppurtunity to develop my story telling skills and research more about the abandoned village affectionately known as ‘Troedy’

Here as some photographs:


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