Cliché ghost towns

October 19, 2009

example of usual ‘spooky’ shorts based on abandoned places

After some nosing around on the net about ghost towns, I kept seeing ‘sad’ or ‘spooky’ themes when looking at these places. I find that approach really dull and unentertaining. It doesn’t tell you anything about the place and there is often no connection to it at all. I want to do the oppossite of these cliches and represent the place as  it once was.. so the place has a story, and seems more alive. It can allow the viewers imagination recreate how life once was in the place.

I got the idea from when I went on a visit to Turkey. I was taken to an ancient city deep in the mountains on Antalya. out of all the tours and museums I had been to, this was the most interesting and informing.

The tour guide was very entetaining and upbeat (but not in a cheesy way!) whilst taking he recreated very descriptive images from daily life and of the buildings – instead of a list of what was already there!

Other examples of this style include:The Time Team with Tony Robinson and  St Fagans Museum of Welsh Life.



St fagans - recreated functional traditional village

St fagans - recreated functional traditional village (LIVING MUSEUM)


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