developing narrative ideas

January 2, 2010

I have combined the last 3 narratives together, to make the story alot more complex, then just merely documenting the villages past (as recommened by Julie Depledge in my experiment and process)

During the Experiment and process class I had to mix my project up abit and add something that I usually wouldn’t consider.

I added the concept of metaphor to my narrative and then began creating more ‘imaginative’ ideas. As opposed to the dull documentation style I had been using. I had been told that I was under too much pressure from the previous inhabitants of Troedy, to create something that was true-to-life and documentative and respectful of what happened there.

However, still remaining respectful and sensitive to the subject, I have made it more imaginative and not entirely based on every aspect of the village.

My aim is not to document Troedy, but to remind people of the stories and memories hidden in places. To revive Troedy for people to remember it, as it is easily forgotten as a abandoned village. I want to recreate the happiness that was there, the life and the colour of the happy childish memories that have been shared with me by the inhabitants.


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