update on progress – a new project

February 7, 2010

I’ve recently had a master class from a guy from Fuel.

It was an interesting class, I came away with an idea to do a narrative based on a tiger walking through an urban landscape and following it would be a menagerie of animals and plants (to represent the jungle) I want to use this to learn more technical and aesthetic skills without concerning myself for months and months about the concept.

Here is my first hour or so in Toon Boom, learning how to traditionally animate cat/tiger feet. This was quite a challenge as my 2D animation skills are not the most advanced and I haven’t done a thorough study of two human legs – let alone four from a different species! It wasn’t as easy as I had imagined – but it is something I am going to be patient with (for a change!)

I have been looking at anatomy and studying cat and tiger walk cycles. I decided to put what I have learned into 4 keyframes for the moment – just to establish if I understand how they work!

Now that it looks promising, I will start on a new cycle (or clean this one up, alot!) and post another one soon with inbetween frames, so that is it alot smoother and closer to the finished cycle.


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