Tiger: Screen Shots of Progress

May 24, 2010

creating a long landscape ready for panning in After Effects, about 8000+ px wide!

setting up the scene in After Effects. The challenge in this scene was to get the tiger running at the same speed as the foreground and background moving. To make all the parts (10 parts) to move together, I 'parented' the objects to a 'null' object, which sped up my animation considerably.

deciding on an image for the creeping smoke was quite challenging, it had to look sinister and ‘creeping’ but yet be bold enough to show up against the highly detailed and rich background of the jungle. So I later used a textured brush to create strong white lines, but in more delicate density. lots of small lines, rather than bigs ones (as in the picture)

I had discoveed during the course of the project of some useful settings, that would work on both television and Youtube comfortably. I was using for the film's composition 1024 x 576 px Widescreen DV PAL Square pixel 12 frames per second

getting organised half-way through my project was the best hour I had ever spend during the course of the animation! It sped my work up considerably, and I will never underestimate the joy of working with an organised project again! Each scene was divided up into separate folders within the main 'tiger animation' folder. Each scene folder contained the scenery, the tiger and any other elements to be used. This meant I could composite scenes alot quicker, than scouting around numerous folders!

trying layouts and arranging scenes in photoshop, ready for After Effects

setting up the scene in Photoshop, trying to create a feeling of depth and of the jungle, but at the same time keeping it quite compact, as it is meant to be a small island, compared to the sprawling city scene.

Testing out how I would composite and mask the smoke effectively in After Effects, to make it act/animate as close to the movement of smoke as possible.

trying out the ‘clone function’ in Photoshop on how to create foliage quickly. I did not end up using this function, as it did not look as good as creating more foliage by hand.

This is a very roughly drafted scene. I was trying to get an idea of the layout of the two islands on the screen

using a wacom tablet I developed an illustration I had previously created in a pen and ink wash. Here I was deciding the colours to best symbolize dirt and smoke.


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