Project Evaluations

May 25, 2010

Here are my evaluations for the 7  projects this year….

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I have been cleaning it up every other day and this STILL happens! ARGH!

May 18, 2010

April 22, 2010

An article on the gorgeous design of the ‘Portugal. The Man’ album; ‘Satanic Satanist’

– useful for designing factories!

The (classic!) Windows pipes screensaver (suprisingly useful!)
The (classic!) Windows pipes screensaver (suprisingly useful!)
The (classic!) Windows pipes screensaver (suprisingly useful!)

The (classic!) Windows pipes screensaver (suprisingly useful!)

This web series is so addictive, it stars Lisa Kudrow (Friends) who plays a ‘Therapist who has a limited amount of patience for other peoples problems’

It’s a great example of a web based series, and how it can bring you closer to a production and build more involvement with the viewer. I have only watched several of the episodes and the quality of the improvisation crammed into just 3 minutes is amazing! – it hasn’t got the restrictions of television, of ‘having to fill a certain amount of air space’ it’s just allowed to grow, to however the writers feel is enough to give the desired effect. I really like these sort of productions, as they are often low-budget and based on the quality of material they write and also look achievable for others to create, even me!

The style/genre of the comedy is also great and not often found on mainstream television (on terrestrial, anyway!) unless you catch a glimpse of some random sketch at 4 am!

It refreshing to see, and I hope they continue!

The trailer is below, but go to the actual site for the high quality videos

new google ad

May 6, 2009

google ad 1


begins with cows too.

I like the style of this piece and the imagery of the cows in the field, maybe this would be a good place to start my animation..

Ben and Jerrys advert 2008

Rustic R2D2

Rustic R2D2

After rummaging through the mass of information on the national statistics catalogues – I found an amusing article about how many respondents of the national census actually put Jedi, as a chosen religion in the blank space on the form.. see the ‘formal’ statistic here ^_^

‘Director of reporting and analysis at the Office for National Statistics, John Pullinger said: ‘Whatever its motive, the Jedi campaign may have worked in favour of the Census exercise. Census agencies worldwide report difficulties encouraging those in their late teens and twenties to complete their forms.’