Show reel | Spring 2010

March 11, 2010


Bread In The Box

June 10, 2009

The ‘Cheese vessel’

June 10, 2009


What a day!!

June 8, 2009

..I’ve been working my mac lap, for most of my projects – for the past 4-5 years, but I’ve never done motion graphics or video on it.

It’s been fine so far, through the project – even with the previous project (one minute film) However, this past week or so, it has been really slow and quickly becoming alot slower processing and rendering files from After Effects.

I had to think of a way of using another computer – whilst I am here in Wales. The only other option I had was to use my brothers PC. This worked out fine, it’s a powerful machine (gaming) and has lots of HD Space (more than my 2.5 GB I had left on my mac)

However, my brother does not have After Effects or Flash! ..I have spent a good full day, from 9am – anxiously trying to get the programs to work on here with not alot of success. I hope this doesn’t hold me back for much longer.. I need to buy an iMac soon!

  • using after effects layers
  • using motion sketch
  • using motion sketch
  • 4th animation

    3D Camera & 3D Layer

    June 6, 2009

    Excuse the cropped (black bars)

    I’m really happy with this result.

    The smoothness of the panning is not important in this clip – it is th quality of the image when I zoom in on it around +500%.

    I’m pleased with the outcome and now I can (Finally!) move on from this ‘video quality’ issue, which has been bugging me for ages! I have realised the cause of all this trouble in the first place -it is my greed for wanting a BIG final piece – I’ve been working with large pixel dimensions and making things a little harder. But now I have solved it (for now) I can finally move on and get animating in After Effects.

    Atleast I can add all this ‘pulling my hair out’ experience to my list of useful stuff I’ve learned!

    The dimensions I am working to are: 1080 x 720. (YouTube HD size/TV)

    Conveyor in Youtube HD (Full screen)

    Conveyor in Youtube HD (Full screen)

    Animation compostion inside a Pan composition

    animation comp inside a pan comp

    Using the 3D Camera

    Camera 4 views AE

    I’m becoming concerned, about the quality of the files I’m exporting from Flash and After effects. I have tried numerous file types and each time I zoom in on them, they become pixelated.

    Even the Illustrator/vector files such as .ai and .swf are not keeping their vector quality.

    I read up on this issue and some people mentioned that it is caused by ‘OpenGL’, which has something to do with handling the graphics.. I looked at my preferences in After Effects, and it stated “No compatible OpenGL video card found”.

    I’m trying to figure out does this affect the quality when I render to a .mov file – Does it only affect the camera preview in After Effects, itself.

    That is why I am rendering my ‘tests’ to see if the .mov files are affected at all.

    Suprisingly the most successful (quality wise) has been the enlarged .png export from Illustrator.

    I will try to pan and zoom this in After Effects in two ways:

    Scale up and down, move position of the .png file


    Turn the .png file into a 3D layer and pan it with a 3D Camera (Which should hopefully create some interesting 3D perspectives on my illustration)

    I will post the results up later on.

    (N.B I have tried to pan and zoom in flash, and it was OK with the motion tween – However, when I started to add movie clips to the ‘tweened’ background image, it became very messy and I’m sure there are much better ways in After Effects)

    high enough quality?

    June 5, 2009


    pixelated? (whilst in after effects)

    Quality test with video size

    Very impressed with example 2, as it has kept exceptional quality when rendered out of After Effects.

    I needed to test the quality at this stage, before I start export and swapping files back and fore from After Effects to Illustrator.

    I wanted to use flash today, to animate my levers and food.

    But It didn’t work out – it didn’t keep the quality, when I wanted to export and pan it in After Effects. Here’s the result:


    Pixelated - Zoom in by 300% +

    The actual factory image needs to be much larger than the canvas/video size become I need to zoom in so much – it needs to be high quality.

    Flash only goes up to 2880 x 2880 – and my video size is 1080 x 720.

    I would estimate that the factory size needs to be atleast 5 times larger than the video. Oh, well – I’m glad I tried to export from Flash to After Effects now – rather than after I animated it!

    Factory is almost the same size as the video canvas

    Factory is almost the same size as the video canvas