Tour Poster Design

May 22, 2010

Please find this project located in the

front of my A3 portfolio (process work)


the back of my A1 portfolio (finished piece)

(Evaluation & description can be found in the ‘project evaluation’ post, with all the other projects.)

Begging scene SHADED

May 18, 2010

May 18, 2010

Begging scene INKED

May 17, 2010

going to add shading now, in the direction of the lamp light in the street.
Maybe running a little too fast, will run it on 2’s instead of 1’s.


Hair inked

May 11, 2010

gesture inked

May 11, 2010

These tests were created with the study of Walt Stanchfield’s (legendery animator at Disney Studios) lessons of animating drapery.

Line test of keyframes

Legs only

with added dress/clothing

first clean up

smoother motion

psychedellion — May 07, 2010 — testing the flying movements, with a temporary vector background