Just remembered this ad from Babybel – I love it! It makes cheese interesting! ^_^

I also like the imagery of the factory equipment, such as the barrels and the bright red cheese wheels – I’m trying to gather inspiration for colour and textures within my factory to keep it interesting and factual.

(p.s – also remembered the coca cola ad – for some ideas on machinery, factory, processes)


Hotpoint Sea World Ad by Leo Burnett in comparison with a Whirlpool ad from the 1950s

– Spot the difference?

I really like concept of this ad for
Hotpoint Ariston Aqualtis by Leo Burnett (Milan) (2006?)…

..It’s an extremely powerful yet subtle ad and captivating to watch – it makes you feel like you’re not watching an advert.

Washing machine adverts have come along way…

which one is didactic and which one is poetic, I wonder? (hehe)