“The Story Of Cheese”

A number of interesting videos on the cheese process by ‘The Real California Milk” dairy Company.


I thought the discovery channel would be a good place to start my research on the cheese making process … I found these video extremely helpful!

I knew ‘How It’s Made’ would be a good place to start!

I really like the images of the machinery, I will definitely include this in my piece. With the previous Royksopp video (“remind me”) I was intrigued by the images of pipes and cogs animated and the industrial (‘behind the scenes’) element to the process of making food and household goods.





Breaking news!

May 5, 2009

I think I’ve found an question, that seems almost everybody in the world wants to be answered!

And only I have the power to save these people!

Whilst using Google’s new searching toolbar, it showed me what other people have been searching for whilst you ask a question..

I starting researching “The Journey Of a Vitamin”..

However, I came across a shocking discovery! People were not concerned with the affects of vitamins or swine flu or health issues or none of the trivial things I had been thinking of..

…infact there was a crisis brewing afoot, and I had no idea!

The most searched for answer in all of Googledom was:the journey of a cheese sandwich

As a graphic communicator, I feel it is my duty to help these lost people, and use my extensive knowledge of cheese sandwich making and infographics to help solve this pandemic riddle!

Wish me luck!