“The Story Of Cheese”

A number of interesting videos on the cheese process by ‘The Real California Milk” dairy Company.


I thought the discovery channel would be a good place to start my research on the cheese making process … I found these video extremely helpful!

I knew ‘How It’s Made’ would be a good place to start!

I really like the images of the machinery, I will definitely include this in my piece. With the previous Royksopp video (“remind me”) I was intrigued by the images of pipes and cogs animated and the industrial (‘behind the scenes’) element to the process of making food and household goods.





Lemon Jelly and Airside

March 27, 2009

Lemon Jelly - "Nice Weather For Ducks" movie still

Lemon Jelly - "Nice Weather For Ducks" movie still

After watching the “Nice Weather For Ducks” video by Lemon Jelly. I was hooked on their sugary sweet, bold style of vector animation. The style by design company, Airside reminded me alot of design companies like; Rinzen and Friends With You.

I will use this technique of animating lovely colourful vectory-ness to create my own pieces in the weeks to come. I have looked at various techniques in After Effects, that I recognize in the video below, including 3D layers, using alternative camera angles and motion paths. I will start to explore these techniques – as I think they will be a good base to start from. Here’s to up and coming motion graphic adventures in Adobe After Effects!

I’ve also found a video of Lemon Jelly ‘Exhibiting’ Airside artwork in their gigs, turning this seemingly 2d screen-based vector style into something that the crowd can experience around them – turning the vector work, into a performance. I like this idea very much, and it has given me alternative ideas of how my work could be displayed in the future.

Lemon Jelly using Airside designs - Live at Brixton Academy

Lemon Jelly using Airside designs - Live at Brixton Academy